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Primarily run from the Wyre Forest programmes can be delivered elsewhere too, just talk to us.


Visiting students simply need to follow the links at the top of the page where they can access support material relevant to their chosen topic.


Fancy a challenge?

Test your survival knowledge using the quiz.


New worksheets, photos, resource links and more will be added as necessary.  You will be told about this in class.


Sticks 'n' Stones is dedicated to supporting students in their achievement of the Wider Key Skills through their involvment in Bushcraft and Survival Skills.


The Key Skills directly related with this programme are...

  • Working with others

  • Problem solving

  • Improving own performance


Students will have already spent 24 hours in the forest learning basic Bushcraft skills including: 


  • Building a shelter from natural materials

  • Learning to safely light and maintain a fire

  • Cooking their own meals over a camp fire

  • Tasting seasonal wild foods from the Forest

  • Making string from nettles or lime bark

  • Tree identification

  • Simple tool use

  • Collecting and filtering water

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